Our Partner Frédéric Lefébure and his associate Isabelle Renaudin advised Primonial REIM on the sale and leaseback acquisition from Léonard De Vinci Health Custer of a real estate complex for medical use of 43 000 sqm. on behalf of the SCPI Primovie.

This real estate complex, located in Chambray-lès-Tours, near Tours, includes two main buildings, in which short and middle stays activities are grouped and different buildings for consultation and external cares. This acquisition is realized simultaneously to the signing of a new lease for a firm 12-year period and is placed in a partnership with Léonard De Vinci Health Custer which could lead ultimately to the cession of others real estate assets of health owned by subsidiary corporations of the company Ovalie.

Primonial REIM highlights in its press release that “This acquisition concerns a major real estate complex which shows the ability of the healthcare teams of Primonial REIM to intervene in challenging real estate operations. Primonial REIM pays close attention to the strategic location of this asset. Indeed, Tours area represents simultaneously a pool of patients of 293 000 residents and benefits from a massive demographic growth due to its economic area and its proximity to Paris with high speed train.  This establishment is ranked among the 10 most attractive private clinics of France.”