With respect to challenges in terms of finance, image and organisation, the powerful use of legal mechanisms as well as the efficient prevention and settlement of disputes are crucial to the development of business and to the protection of your interests.

Attentive to our clients’ needs and thanks to our disciplined and cross-functional approach, Fairway is able to offer pragmatic solutions in support of their development and of the defence of their interests.

Our practice covers all areas of business law (corporate law, the law of contracts and torts) and of real estate law (construction, planning, leases, finance, etc.).

Our assignments consist of:

  •    Developing strategies: risk analysis, search and implementation of tailored solutions in tandem with our clients
  •    Settling conflicts amiably: assistance in the negotiation, drafting of settlement agreements, assisting on legal mediation
  •    Initiating legal process and representing our clients before all civil, commercial and administrative jurisdictions for trials, summary judgements and “fixed-date summons”
  •    Assisting operational teams in judicial expertise
  •    Preserving financial interests by the implementation of interim measures (freezing and seizing of assets)

Examples of assignments:

  • Compensation claims relating to wrongful termination of negotiations and contractual liability
  • Initiating proceedings to set the rent amount upon renewal of a lease or to set the amount of an eviction compensation, as of the appointment of an expert to the enforcement of the judgement
  • Management of disputes related to rent and service charges, analysis of the validity of contractual clauses including indexation clauses
  • Introducing and following of preventive procedures relating to construction or rehabilitation works,
  • Initiating of litigation related to construction defects under statutory construction guarantees