An investment product for some, an industrial tool for others, real estate represents for every professional a significant financial undertaking requiring the best possible structure.

Fairway’s multidisciplinary expertise allows it real insight into this duality of the real estate sector viewed either as a financial investment product or as an industrial tool, and enables it to provide guidance to all market operators with their real estate projects.

Fairway has established itself as the partner of choice of many investors and investment vehicle management companies in the field of their core trade (structuring, investments, management and arbitration) but also of industrial companies operating in extremely diverse sectors such as the mass retail sector, the automotive industry, the healthcare sector, telecommunications and the media, for their thought process on the ownership structure of their real estate tools and variations thereto.

Our assignments consist of:

  • Tax and legal structuring of investments and divestments: Fairway provides guidance to its clients for their strategies in terms of maximizing financial and tax efficiency and for the setting up of appropriate investment and divestment schemes, from design to implementation (creation of companies and all types of real estate investment vehicles (whether collective or not), drafting and negotiating shareholder, partnership and joint-venture agreements, M&As, acquisitions of majority or minority interests, leveraged or non-leveraged, and more generally all actions coming under the ambit of corporate law).
  • Creating portfolio management companies and providing regulatory support to these companies.
  • Facilitating funding: negotiating credit facility agreements and the issuing of standard and complex transferable securities, with the indispensable expertise of our team specializing in corporate finance.
  • Drafting and negotiating all pre-contractual and contractual documentation: acquisition and transfer of companies, of groups of companies, of assets and asset portfolios, equity transactions and restructuring (mergers, demergers, contributions), sale & Lease back, etc.