Land Development, Property Development and Construction, besides implying a series of technical rules, also require imagination and the designing of a real estate program involving a great many stakeholders in the various project stages, all driven by the same desire to create a new sustainable asset satisfying specific needs and requirements.

At Fairway we translate your needs and look to expand your vision beyond current boundaries, offering creative legal solutions. At Fairway we also address the need to secure your contractual undertakings so that your projects are carried out successfully.

Based on our experience and our market knowledge, Fairway’s teams are in a position to offer you the guidance you need to anticipate issues and to get ahead of any obstacles that are likely to arise during the lifetime of your projects.

Our assignments consist of:

  • Defining the most relevant contractual structure for your projects (Project Owner Assistance (AMO), Delegated Project Ownership (MOD), Property Development Agreements (CPI), general contractor agreement or separate building trade contractors, etc.).
  • Contractual organisation and apportionment of risks pertaining to the project (definition of completion, securing price and development schedule, forbearances specific to each type of asset, etc.…).
  • Wording and negotiating project stakeholder agreements: architect agreements, group project management agreements, GMP agreements, property development agreements, general contractor works contracts, separate work packages, engineering consultancy, inspection agency, etc.