As a pivotal element to real estate value and as a cornerstone of the property operator business, the lease is one of the basic tools of our trade.

The practice area of commercial leases has become increasingly complex and industry specific due to the constant change of legal environment and to the extreme bargaining positions at stake in this area.

Mindful of these changes and in light of our extremely thorough market knowledge, Fairway provides guidance to clients in the appraisal, negotiation and wording of rental agreements. Our teams work on a regular basis for investors (propcos, insurance companies, investment funds etc.) both French and foreign alike, and for tenants in all industry sectors to provide guidance and help with their projects.

Our assignments consist of:

  • Drafting and negotiating rental agreements: for all types of assets (offices, retail, warehouses, light industry/industrial premises, healthcare, hotel and residential buildings).
  • Advisory services for real estate transactions: due diligence, risk analysis, negotiation of rental clauses.
  • Advisory services for the implementation of rental management tools: facility management agreements, property management agreements, asset management agreements.
  • Regulatory support: on all issues relating to rental relations within the framework of a transaction, project or dispute.
  • Legal representation in rental litigation: in court and in arbitration proceedings.