In the same respects as the tax issue, financing is a key factor when structuring a real estate transaction and determining expected returns. The increasing complexity of these transactions requires the implication of a team of experts to guide you.

Thanks to sound knowledge of our clients’ needs and to our thorough understanding of their key issues and constraints, Fairway is able to provide guidance to a wide range of real estate operators in setting up their real estate financing solutions.

In this regard, Fairway entertains solid relationships with investors and lenders, both French and foreign, that it counsels for the structuring and granting of facilities: credit institutions, debt funds, insurance companies, real estate funds, listed propcos, family offices, property developers, asset managers, etc.

And because, in any negotiations relating to a financing facility, issues may arise which require additional expertise, Fairway is in a position to bring to the table the real estate skillsets of its other departments: real estate tax, commercial leases, property development and construction, environmental law, litigation.

Our finance team can offer assistance from the very early stages of discussions between investor and lender (request for funding, term sheet) right up to the post-closing phase, within the framework:

  • of the financing of share purchases and acquisitions of all types of real estate assets (offices, shopping centres, light industry premises, hotels, clinics).
  • of the financing of construction works (Sales off Plan (VEFA), Property Development Agreements (CPI)).
  • of financial restructuring operations, of voluntary settlements of the difficulties of financially distressed companies or insolvency proceedings.