The tax issue is of strategic concern, as it will have a direct impact on the expected return of real estate and merger & acquisition transactions.

Thanks to to its team members’ diversity of skills, Fairway is able to provide a comprehensive, sustainable and efficient response to French and foreign clients alike faced with a tax environment which is increasingly complex and restrictive.

Our practice focuses not only on the field of real estate tax and of M&A tax but also on private estate tax and tax litigation.

Our assignments consist of:

  • Consultation and advisory services for the incorporation and structuring of real estate funds, regulated or unregulated: fund tax structuring, assistance with preparing fund documentation and coordination with relevant operators and authorities.
  • Structuring acquisitions.
  • Consultation and advisory services for specific tax regulations: real estate VAT, planning taxes, the 3% tax
  • Consultation and advisory services to family offices for their clients: domestic and international private estate strategies, guidance for cross border movement of persons and goods.
  • Consultation and advisory services for corporate tax rationalisation and policy.
  • Relationships with the tax and public authorities: observations and proposals for legal and regulatory reform.
  • Consultation and advisory services in the field of tax audits and litigation