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Fairway partner of the Socially Relevant Film Festival

Once again, since the creation of the festival, Fairway is pleased to be the partner of the Socially Relevant Film Festival 2018.

Socially Relevant  Film Festival New York is a film festival that focuses on socially relevant film content, dealing with human interest stories that raise awareness to social problems and might offer positive solutions through the powerful medium of cinema. SR(TM) believes that through raised awareness, expanded knowledge about diverse cultures, and the human condition as a whole, it is possible to create a better world free of violence, hate and crime.

The mission of SR socially relevant film festival is to shine the spotlight on filmmakers who tell compelling, socially, relevant, human interest narratives across a broad rang range of social issues without resorting to gratuitous violence and violent forms of movie making.

Find more information on: www.ratedsrfilms.org