Fairway advised Générale Continentale Investissements and AIMCo on the financing and partnership aspects of the acquisition of the Being building in La Défense. This 12,350 sq.m. 8-storey building was renovated and completed in 2020.

“Being has all the specific features that correspond to the assets we want to develop to meet the needs of tomorrow’s users,” says Sharon Raingold, GCI’s managing director. “It is located at the forefront of a territory of the future with a leading economic hub. Beyond its location, we believe in the strong potential of this building.”

“We are delighted with this major transaction, which is perfectly in line with our development and value creation policy,” said Alexander Raingold, GCI’s Director of Development and Partner. “We have great ambitions for the future of Being as well as for the La Défense market, of which we have a very detailed knowledge.

“This new acquisition strengthens our presence and appeal in the French market as well as our long-standing partnership with GCI. Since 2016, we have been working together to develop high-value assets,” finally congratulates Yacine Bouaka, Portfolio Manager at AIMCo.