Commercial contracts are central to business life. They constitute an essential tool for economic actors in implementing their activities, in any field. In a constantly evolving legal environment, recently overturned by a historic reform regarding contract law, the effects of which – sometimes unexpected – continue to appear, characterized by the multiplication of special and/or derogatory regimes, economic actors must ensure both the protection of their interests and the balance of agreements often intended to be executed in the medium or even long term. The commercial contract has become a risk management tool as well as an asset contributing to companies’ development and valorization.

Fairway assists its French and foreign clients in the implementation of their commercial strategy, whether it be punctual, systematic and/or structural, through the design, drafting and negotiation of their contracts and commercial agreements: supply, distribution (purchase/sale, commissioning, franchising, agency, etc.), partnership, sales or service contracts, in a variety of fields (industry, general or specialized distribution, real estate and hotels, telecoms, transport and logistics).

Fairway’s Commercial Contracts team also has solid expertise in commercial dispute resolution: our lawyers have experience in litigation, which allows them to approach the design and drafting of contracts in a way which takes into account how such contracts will potentially be interpreted by a judge or arbitrator. This specificity contributes to our ability to provide our clients with advice that not only addresses the immediate concerns which usually govern commercial negotiations, but also takes into consideration the concrete implementation of the negotiated agreement, up to and including potential litigation.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • design and assistance in setting up partnership or joint venture agreements.
  • assistance in negotiating and drafting distribution contracts, as well as establishing distribution networks or their evolution.
  • assistance in drafting and negotiating contracts specific to certain industries (hotel industry, logistics).
  • drafting, review and analysis of general terms of sale/purchase, standard contracts.