Restructuring, i.e. preventing and managing corporate difficulties, is a strategic practice combining the ability to anticipate, negotiating skills, creativity and pugnacity. Whether advising the company in a troubled financial state, its creditors, its shareholders or its purchaser, the expertise of Fairway’s Restructuring specialists is key to preserve or restore value in all the distressed or challenging situations which businesses may face.

Fairway assists French and international clients, including financial institutions, investment funds, key players of the real estate industry as well as industrial and service companies from diverse sectors, in all the phases of financial restructuring processes and insolvency proceedings.

From renegotiating financial contracts to more complex restructurings as part of confidential or insolvency proceedings, Fairway offers its legal expertise, its experience acquired while handling major restructuring cases and its perfect knowledge of the other professionals regularly involved in restructuring matters (judicial administrators, trustees, financial advisers and auditors, interim managers, etc.).

Where the stakes of the case require it, our Restructuring specialists work closely with Fairway’s other teams (including financing, tax law, corporate law, labor law).

As corporate financial difficulties may also lead to litigation, Fairway assists and represents its clients in all disputes which may arise in connection with restructurings.

Fairway’s Restructuring team works alongside companies, their shareholders, creditors or purchasers in:

  • Informal financial restructurings where a more formal legal framework is not required;
  •  Amicable and confidential ad hoc or conciliation proceedings;
  •  Safeguard proceedings (including accelerated financial safeguard), judicial reorganization or judicial liquidation proceedings;
  •  Disputes and litigation relating to recovery, enforcement of securities and guarantees, the validity of certain payments and transactions or creditors or directors’ liability.